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CSF&W’s child sexual abuse lawsuit success stories

The following is a brief list of related verdicts and settlements which the law office of CSF&W has obtained on behalf of their clients.

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$2.75 million settlement

Three middle-aged men successfully prosecuted their claims that they had been molested by a family friend some 40 years earlier. Despite obstacles created by the statute of limitations and proof problems, these brave men exposed the truth, obtained needed therapy, and financially punished the child molester responsible.

$1.6 million settlement

A Bay Area School District was held responsible for the grooming of an 8th grade student and subsequent molestation outside of school by her teacher. Ultimately, the abuse was reported to authorities, the teacher is serving prison time, and the school district was held accountable for failing to protect its student.

$1.5 million settlement

A twenty-three year old Las Vegas woman sued her mother and adopted father based on her adopted father’s rape of her when she was 13 years old. Her parents denied the fact of the sexual assault as well as audiotape evidence the daughter had obtained and instead claimed that their daughter was simply a “bad seed.” After extensive discovery involving depositions of numerous family members, friends, physicians and business associates, the case settled for ten times the plaintiff’s original demand which was made prior to filing the lawsuit.

$1.1 million verdict

Two 36-year-old women sued their molester and his wife, who obtained a fraudulent divorce during the time the women were suing their perpetrator. The jury found in favor of the women, and held the ex-wife accountable for her ex-husband’s misconduct, even though the molestations occurred before the marriage.

$900,000.00 settlement

A teacher molested her 8th grade male student over a period of several months. The molestation was reported years later at which time the teacher was confronted by law enforcement and committed suicide.

$880,000 settlement

A twenty-five year old woman had been sexual abused as a child by her seriously deranged father. When she learned that her father had remarried for a fourth time, and had yet another set of young children to potentially victimize, we represented her in a lawsuit. Ultimately, a mediated solution was obtained shortly before trial. The Defendant father, however, violated the court’s order, fired his original lawyer, refused to pay, and appealed the U.S. District Court’s affirmation of the arbitrator’s order requiring him to pay. Both the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court rejected his attempts to avoid responsibility. He lost at every stage, and our client was successful in her difficult legal and emotional struggle.

$530,000 Jury verdict

After an emotional trial, a jury sided with a forty-eight year old woman who was sexually groped in 2011 by an eighty-two year old who molested her when she was  a child. Click here for the details

$400,000 settlement

This case involved two brothers who were molested by their stepfather. A significant portion of the stepfather’s net worth was recovered for the brothers to both compensate them and punish the stepfather. As a result of this lawsuit, the stepfather was criminally prosecuted and ultimately sent to State Prison.

$300,000 settlement

A twenty-two year old Los Angeles area woman brought a civil suit against her parents for having “group sex” with her during early teen years. Not only did this courageous woman obtain monetary compensation from her stepfather (which she used in part to complete her education), but also the legal process led to a reconciliation of sorts between mother and daughter. The guilt-ridden mother took full responsibility for her shameful conduct, and allowed her daughter to define the terms by which any new relationship would be created, which inverted the psychological power imbalance created by the original abuse.

$300,000 settlement

Two sisters were sexually abused by their grandfather when they were young. Both sisters contended that they had suffered psychological injury and emotional distress and were involved in drug and alcohol abuse as a result of their grandfather’s molestation.

$250,000 settlement

A 40 year old woman recovered damages from her brother-in-law perpetrated on her when she was a teenager and he was in his 20s, married to her sister, with young children himself.

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  • $8.9 Million

    Elder Abuse

    A nursing home is held accountable for wrongful death

  • $2.85 million

    Product Liability

    Taser International held accountable for brain damage

  • $4.5 million

    Wrongful Death

    Train conductor held liable for texting

  • $5 million

    Car Accident

    DUI renders 18 year old quadriplegic

  • $3.5 million

    Brain Injury

    Landlord held responsible for carbon monoxide poisoning

  • $1.5 million

    Pedestrian Accident

    School teacher hit by car and suffered brain injury

  • $1.12 Million

    Child Sexual Abuse

    A retired fireman is held accountable

  • $1.1 Million

    Bicycle Accident

    23 year old’s bicycle collided with truck in intersection

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